These are just a few of our videos on our garden pots, for a heap more pls visit our youtube channel MLennon Garden Pots

Introduction to M.Lennon:

Want to sell more pots? This will get them in!

The Blue Pot Myth.

Our Latest addition.




GRC Garden PotsĀ 

Our GRC bowls sell like hot cakes. Don’t be caught out with a big bowl in your store or your customers will be forced to go elsewhere!


The Suzi Bowl

One of our best sellers is the Suzi Bowl! Placed on a Camilla Jumbo GRC, the suzi bowl comes in D 110, 90, 72, 57cm. In Charcoal and Ironstein, this can also be made into a water feature.



Our GRC Range

Our GRC pots are huge in size and are equally big sellers! The Glass Reinforced Cement means a lighter weight pot without compromising it’s quality.




Intro to Featherweight

Our featherweight pots are… you guessed it… as light as a feather. The sandy finish is actually a poly-render mix. Just like you’d put on a house. The colours are natural colours, not paint. If you like, you can actually paint them. We can do really big, really tall rectangle pots. As far as light weight pots go – these pots are strong!