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Rectangle Planter Boxes

This is a private Hospital on the Gold Coast. Before these Rectangle Planter Boxes arrived this area looked like a hot concrete Car park. Now it looks like a neat area which patients can sit and relax.

Can you supply an order like this? Should you be able to?

In the last 6 months our one store on the Gold coast has done a similar thing with a Tavern and on a private deck on the water front. Not enough to retire on but 13 pots at $179 each are not bad sales!

Our Terrazzo Planter boxes are solid, strong, look great and create a great divider if you are looking to block off an area.

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Rectangle Troughs

Glowing Water Feature

glow_waterCheck out this fibreglass water feature! Pick up the pot, ball and the pebbles from us, but you’ll need to grab the pump and lights locally. This snazzy water feature will really light up any room, and it is just so simple to put together – it just makes sense.

If you’d like any in your next order just let us know. For any more further information on our garden pots visit

Huge Bowls for your Garden Ponds

GRC Garden PotHey, get a load of this for a garden pond. 111cm wide and 62cm tall! That’s 43 inches x 24.5 inches!

We have always been missing a huge bowl for a water pond, or a water feature …………. Finally it’s here!

Of course you can use it as a good old garden pot, it will look fantastic!

These pots are GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement). They are a set of 7 the above measures are for the largest one.

Add some of these to your next order and watch them walk out the door!
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