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Small Terracotta Craft Pots

These tiny terracotta pots sell like hotcakes! So small they fit in any gaps in your pallet or container. You’ll sell heaps for weddings, craft pots for schools. If you want to be the place to go to for all pots make sure you carry these little beauties!

Rectangle Huge Terrazzo Troughs

These rectangular troughs are our best seller! Nothing like them in the market. Strong, not extremely heavy as they have fibre glass for strengthening the walls and hence not as thick. Landscapers love these big troughs for hedging plants and dividing up an area. These pots are a must have.

Rectangle Glazed Bonsai Pots

You can use these for Bonsais, herbs or succulents. This market is growing all the time make sure you have this category covered. 4 glazed colours. We can fit these on the top of your pallet or next to your pots. Make sure to put some in your next order.

Oval Terrazzo Pots

We sell tonnes of these beauties! Not many oval pots on the market. Make your place stand out with something different the local big hardware doesn’t have. Looks great with a succulent! Yes as with most of our pots we have saucers!!

Outdoor Fibreglass Lightweight Pot Range

Our outdoor pots are super lightweight! 4 great selling colours, Matt black, Matt white, Birds egg & Sandstone. Handle outdoors easily, strong as can be. We have saucers for the. Largest egg pot is 60cm wide. The trend these days is lightweight, make sure you’ve got some in your store.

Outdoor Painted Decor Pots

These painted outdoor decor pots are stunning! Very glossy, very bright, no blemishes in the colouring as per glazed pots. Comes in every colour of the rainbow & some! Like a colour we are not currently supplying? we can do it! The paint we use is the best quality we can find, you will have no problems with our painted decor pots.

Indoor Fibreglass, Lightweight Pot Saucers

Many customers will walk out of your shop if you do not have a Saucer for the pot they like. At M.Lennon we have Saucers for almost all of our pots, even our Fibreglass pots! In fact we can paint our fibreglass saucers any colour you like. We even have rectangle saucers, oval saucers & square saucers, up to 1.10cm long for the rectangle.

The Suzi Bowl

One of our best sellers is the Suzi Bowl! Placed on a Camilla Jumbo GRC, the suzi bowl comes in D 110, 90, 72, 57cm. In Charcoal and Ironstein, this can also be made into a water feature.