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Morella Jar GRC

Our GRC range is very popular, it looks grand & makes a grand statement in any home or garden! This pot in particular is the Morella Jar, it comes in a set of 3 with the tallest measuring 139cm high! The GRC range comes in 3 different colours, Charcoal, Bone & Ironstein.

Long John Terrazzo

The Long John Terrazzo pot is a tall, skinny egg shape and comes in a set of 4. The Terrazzo range is constructed with fibre mesh walls making them lighter than straight concrete pots. They’re a great seller & a must have for your customers.

Hex Bonsai Pots

Our glazed Hex bonsai pots not only look great, they are strong and sturdy and come in 3 different colours – Shiny Black, Juicy Blue, & Juicy Green. These pots measure 39cm x 11cm and can be a great little filler for your pallet. For more info check out our website


Glazed Saucer Range

Some customers won’t buy a pot if they can’t get a matching saucer to go with it and that’s why we have a glazed saucer to match every pot in our glazed range! We have round & square saucers in all of our glazed colours.


Glazed 352 Pot

Our Glazed 352 pot range is our biggest seller! It caters to the majority of peoples basic garden pot needs. They comes in 6 sizes & 8 different colours. These pots are a must have for your customers and a staple for your store!

Fibreglass Saucers

We understand the importance of having Saucers to match your pots! We have rectangle, oval, round & square fibreglass saucers in various colours & sizes. They are lightweight yet durable enough to use under glazed pots if required. They stack up compactly saving space in store!

Featherweight Range

Our Featherweight range is made from high density foam and is finished off with a rendered exterior. It’s as light as a feather just as the name suggests but as sturdy as they come! This range is available in Sandstone, White & Black.

Egg Pot Terrazzo

Our Egg Pot Terrazzo comes in a set of 5, in either black, white or Grey. These are you go to pots, so popular and always on trend. Our Terrazzo range is constructed using fibreglass meshing allowing it to be light to lift yet strong enough to last the distance!

Decor Pots

Our Decor pot range comes in 3 popular styles and 11 vibrant colours! The attention to detail in the workmanship combined with the quality paint used ensures a perfectly shiny finish every time. With a colour to suit everyone, these pots are a must have!

Cover Pots

Our cover pots come in 8 different colours, they measure 17cm in Diameter and 16cm in Height making them the perfect fillers for your pallets or containers. These pots are perfect for seedlings and fit a 6 inch plastic pot inside easily. They’re not only popular with the customers, they are fantastic value!