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Nic Nacs

Potman CowboyM.Lennon has a huge range of nic nacs that can be used for filling in empty spaces – hence you receive them virtually freight free.

A magnificent way to increase your profit and add insterest to your store.

For all our Garden Pot Filler range click below:

Fillers for Garden Pots.pdf

Terrazzo Pots

Once you have added terrazzo pots to your pot range you will be Large Terrazzo Eggwondering how you ever survived without them.

Terrazzo pots from M.Lennon are not crack happy (we use a concrete additive to enhance bonding).

Terrazzo pots from M.Lennon do not turn an ugly grey the first time it rains.

Then as an added bonus terrazzo pots from M.Lennon are 30% lighter than the normal terrazzo pots.

For all our Terrazzo Garden Pot range click below:

Terrazzo Garden Pots.pdf

Tuscan Terracotta Pots

Can’t ever go wrong with Terracotta pots. Bullet Clay Pot

The cheapest of all the ranges, great for the shrinking budgets these days.

Terracotta seems never to run out of fashion unlike many of the new gimics that pop up and disappear from the 20 page catalogs the sales people are bringing around.

These pots seem to match with the bricks, tiles and pavers and patios worldwide.

For all our Terracotta Garden Pot range click below:

Tuscan Garden Pots.pdf

Glazed Pots

You can buy glazed pots in every color from the rainbow these days, Glazed Pot Flower Chalicenot all of them sell.

You can have pastel colors in lime green, lemon yellow, aqua, beige all of these will make little difference to your sales in fact if you don’t have any one of these colors chances are the customer will select one of your other colors.

If you don’t have a Juicy blue, shiny black and antique pot in the size and style the customer wants you run the risk of the customer leaving empty handed.

We at M.Lennon focus on these important colors so that you don’t run out.

For all our Wholesale Glazed Garden Pots range click below:

Glazed Garden Pots.pdf

Fibreglass Pots

There are simply no fibreglass pots on the market to match the Fibre Glass Garden Planterfibreglass pots manufactured by M.Lennon.

Most stores that have tried fibreglass pots have been burnt because of the complete absence of quality . The pots would crack and split if they were knocked over and the colour would change underneath the store’s lighting.

At M.Lennon we saw the problems and began manufacturing ourselves. Our fibre glass pots are truly magnificent. World wide you will find none better.

For all our Fibreglass Garden Pot range click below:

Fibreglass Garden Pots.pdf

Feather Weight Pots

Finally Feather Weight Pots are here!Lightweight Sandstone pot

We have them in 3 solid colours black, sandstone, and white.

Our largest planter box 110cm long is only 12 kgs! These pots are great as apartment pots as they can easily be carried up a flight of stairs.

Suitable as outdoor or indoor pots.

Look fantastic!

For all our Feather Weight Pots range click below:

Feather Weight Garden Pots.pdf

Brand New GRC Pots

Pool GRC Garden PotThese are architectural glass reinforced concrete pots.

They can be big or small and really make a statement in a foyer of a hotel or out the front of a large home.

Available in 3 unique earthy finishes.

These  GRC Pots make a Statement!

For all our GRC Pot range click below:

GRC Garden Pots.pdf

Glowing Water Feature

glow_waterCheck out this fibreglass water feature! Pick up the pot, ball and the pebbles from us, but you’ll need to grab the pump and lights locally. This snazzy water feature will really light up any room, and it is just so simple to put together – it just makes sense.

If you’d like any in your next order just let us know. For any more further information on our garden pots visit

Huge Bowls for your Garden Ponds

GRC Garden PotHey, get a load of this for a garden pond. 111cm wide and 62cm tall! That’s 43 inches x 24.5 inches!

We have always been missing a huge bowl for a water pond, or a water feature …………. Finally it’s here!

Of course you can use it as a good old garden pot, it will look fantastic!

These pots are GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement). They are a set of 7 the above measures are for the largest one.

Add some of these to your next order and watch them walk out the door!
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