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Large Glass Reinforced Cement Pots

We have a huge range of Large GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) Pots! They’re are great for filling up those big spaces indoors and outdoors!

GRC means that they can come in huge sizes without being heavy!

We wholesale by container load to retailers all over the world

We mix all our ranges in the one container including Fibreglass, terracotta, glazed and terrazzo

We sell to most states of Australia, US, UK, NZ, Bahamas, South Africa.

Check out our full range of products right here

Earthy Terracotta garden pots

We have a huge range of terracotta garden pots

Our Terracotta garden pots come in various sizes and shapes in rectangle, square and round

We provide wholesale for retailers all over the world by the container load. We can also ship pallets to most states in Australia.

Shipping is usually made within 10 days

Amongst our range garden pots, our terracotta garden pots can also be mixed in containers with our Fibreglass, glazed, terrazzo pots

There’s no minimum quantities on our terracotta garden pots

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Camilla Jumbo Glazed Garden Pot

These large glazed garden pots, are a must for your garden centre. The glaze in stunning, we have six vibrant colours, and we wholesale our glazed garden pots world wide. If you are looking for a reliable garden pot supplier with a massive range of high quality and gorgeous pots, give us a call or ask us a question through our website.

2 Groove Tuscan Pot

Tuscan or Terracotta pots have been around forever and always will be.

Don’t be fooled though all Tuscan pots are the same and they don’t all sell the same either! If there is too much white wash it looks like somebody has tried painting the pot and done a lousy job. What you need is a red/orange terracotta colour with a slight white wash. Guess which one we sell!!

Like to know more on garden pots? You know where to find us.

Rectangle Planter Boxes

This is a private Hospital on the Gold Coast. Before these Rectangle Planter Boxes arrived this area looked like a hot concrete Car park. Now it looks like a neat area which patients can sit and relax.

Can you supply an order like this? Should you be able to?

In the last 6 months our one store on the Gold coast has done a similar thing with a Tavern and on a private deck on the water front. Not enough to retire on but 13 pots at $179 each are not bad sales!

Our Terrazzo Planter boxes are solid, strong, look great and create a great divider if you are looking to block off an area.

Like to know more about our Terrazzo Garden pots click on our products tab.

Rectangle Troughs

Saucers and Pot Feet

M.Lennon does not consider a saucer to be JUST a saucer or pot feet Pot Feet Glazed Square Garden Pot saucerto be JUST pot feet. Pot feet and saucers are treated by M.Lennon just as seriously as the pots themselves.

For absolutely beautiful saucers and pot feet at a tremendous price it’s M.Lennon!

For all our saucers and pot feet range click below:

Pot feet and saucers.pdf

Nic Nacs

Potman CowboyM.Lennon has a huge range of nic nacs that can be used for filling in empty spaces – hence you receive them virtually freight free.

A magnificent way to increase your profit and add insterest to your store.

For all our Garden Pot Filler range click below:

Fillers for Garden Pots.pdf

Terrazzo Pots

Once you have added terrazzo pots to your pot range you will be Large Terrazzo Eggwondering how you ever survived without them.

Terrazzo pots from M.Lennon are not crack happy (we use a concrete additive to enhance bonding).

Terrazzo pots from M.Lennon do not turn an ugly grey the first time it rains.

Then as an added bonus terrazzo pots from M.Lennon are 30% lighter than the normal terrazzo pots.

For all our Terrazzo Garden Pot range click below:

Terrazzo Garden Pots.pdf

Tuscan Terracotta Pots

Can’t ever go wrong with Terracotta pots. Bullet Clay Pot

The cheapest of all the ranges, great for the shrinking budgets these days.

Terracotta seems never to run out of fashion unlike many of the new gimics that pop up and disappear from the 20 page catalogs the sales people are bringing around.

These pots seem to match with the bricks, tiles and pavers and patios worldwide.

For all our Terracotta Garden Pot range click below:

Tuscan Garden Pots.pdf