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Indoor Fibreglass, Lightweight Pot Range

This is one fantastic set of indoor garden pots. Set of 11! From a 60cm diameter all the way down to a 17cm. Because they fit so many in a set it brings the cost of the freight right down. Fibreglass pots are normally quite expensive but these are perfect. Lightweight is the way of the future these days. Customers need to take their indoor pots up a flight of stairs or want to move them around without the use of a chiropractor immediately after. Give these indoor eggs a try, it will be worth it!!

Glazed Wall Pot Range

These pots just keep selling. They hang on walls and really dress up your garden centre. Come in 3 sizes, 4 colours glazed and terracotta. As a set of 3 they are cheap as chips! Can go on top of your pallet with your pots or if you like take a pallet you’ll get 200!

Glazed Bowls, Ponds

Glazed garden bowls are a must for your garden centre/nursery. Come as a set of 3 largest 58cm. They can be used for water plants, succulents, herbs, and even dog bowls as they are a bit weighty they can’t be pushed around. Also the larger ones go well as water features bowls!

Bowls, Ponds

Ponds and bowls are massive! You have to have a good range in your shop or the customer may go to your competition. We sell glazed garden bowls, GRC, terracotta bowls and terrazzo bowls. Customers use them for water plants, succulents, herbs, and even dog bowls!!

Terrazzo Pot Saucer Range

Ever seen an oval saucer before? We hadn’t until we made it. As with all pots we know that some customers will walk out if you don’t have a saucer for the pot they like. Why would oval pots be any different? These saucers are strong fibreglass, light, stack together really well and we have all colours!

Terracotta Bird Feeder

Cheap! Cheap! Another little add on for your garden centre/nursery. Your customers and the birdies will love these bird feeders. Need something different for your Nursery/Garden centre. Have some of these Bird Feeders added to your next load.